My friend Laura Tison decided she wanted to poke at me because I haven't updated my blog in forever... So here I am! Today my outfit is from Jane! I've loved this store ever since I first stepped in it about a year ago. The detail in the clothing is just perfect! And I can always get the prim parts to work no matter what shape I'm wearing.. which is awesome, because I change my shape a lot, haha. Anyway, let's get to the good stuff!

I love love LOVE this shirt. *_*

Hehe, I managed to get my RL piercings for my SL av. I'msoflippingexcited.

These have to be the *cutest* pants cuffs ever.


Jacket - Jane - essence jacket.raven
Shirt - Jane - essence tee.pewter
Pants - Jane essence pant.raven
Shoes - Mstyle GOSHI Pumps - Black (Box)
Tattoo - *Luck Inc* Beyond the Veil
Eye Makeup - - DAMNED - CatEyes MakeUp
Gauged ears - *Drot* - Stretched ear SIZE- 1''
Skin - !Rehab - Shelbie Pale ~ five
Lip Piercing - Medley ShadowPiercings v2-Verticle Labret
Septum Piercing - Cobrahive - N-Horn
Hair - Elikatira  Away - Blonde 07

Yes yes I knowwww, it's been a week since I started this thing. I got SO BUSY. And lazy. One more than the other.. Guess which! Haha. ANYWAY. I found a totally cute mesh hair and it inspired me to blog it for you! You're so going to love this :D

I just love love love how it moves with my avatar

Get the look!

Skin - .::Mother Goose's:: Loa(A)
Hair - Alice Project - Amiya - Brown
Ears - Plastik :[P]:- LAZYSUNDAYS;//Labradorite Tattooed Ears
Eyes - Plastik VaeCollection-Shea
Face paint - [EY:NO] ~FACE PAINT SET~
Nails - [EY:NO] French <3 Nails incl. Rings
Top - Gawk! Blue Striped Baggy Pullover *new*
Jeans - {mon tissu} Denim - Lou Lou ~ Black
Feet - Maitreya Gold * Bare Feet Flat
Shape made by me <3

I just have so much in my inventory, I can't wait to show it to everybody! This outfit is a bit different and I'm wearing my new skin from Mother Goose's.. Looks a bit like the last one but paler and still way super cute :D

Are you a bitch? I know I am! Haha...

Aren't those dimples cute? Love tattoo layers!

Get the look!

Dress - :STICKY FINGERS: My black halter neck dress
Tattoo - [GLUE INK]  No regrets Fruit Tingle Tattoo
Stockings - *blowpop* Seamed Fishnet Tights -Black
Dimple Piercings - ~S.N.G~ Dimples with Piercings
Other piercings - <- PoM ->  - Face Piercing - Sarah
Shoes - *Kookie* Armarda/ Black Wash 
Skin - .::Mother Goose's::.  Ruka(A)4teeth
Hair - [YunA'sHAIR]-[YH]-40-=PLATINUMPACK=

And now I shall leave you..... with lots of bass. Rock your face off. Kay bye. <3

Hello all the people that are reading this.. If there are people... I hope so... haha.

sooo I've randomly decided to start a fashion blog! I'm insanely obsessed with shopping, so I figured I might as well throw up my "fashion secrets" if you'd like to call them that. My style changes on a day to day basis, so expect a lot of randomness! Todaaaay I'm pretty in pink. :> Take a look!

Aren't I adorable?!

Get the look!

Hooves - *Epic*  Faun [Storybook] Garter Socks {Baby Pink}

Clothing - Gawk! for Pure Juice - Pink High Waist Suit
Piercing - Cobrahive - N-horn
Ears - [twee.] - Perso Ears
Hair - /Wasabi Pills/ Pompon Hair - Blonds
Skin - .::Mother Goose's::. Trudy-III(tan)2teeth